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Authentic Italian cuisine in Amsterdam

Experience authentic Italian cuisine at our restaurant in Amsterdam. Located in the picturesque setting of Amsterdam, Gio Cucina Italiana epitomizes Italian dining where traditional authentic cuisine and a personal approach meet. Our ever-changing menu features varying authentic Italian dishes.

Join us soon for great Italian food and fine wine experience in the center of Amsterdam!

We serve authentic Italian cuisine

A wide variety of flavors awaits at our Italian restaurant. Every dish is a testament to our restaurant’s commitment to authenticity. The menu changes daily, influenced by the seasonality and availability of fresh ingredients, partly imported from Italy. This ensures that diners are always treated to a variety of authentic dishes, crafted to perfection, offering a different experience with Italian cuisine with each visit. The selected range of Italian wines on offer perfectly complements these varying and unique meals.

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Why wait for the allure of Italy when you can indulge in an experience of authentic Italian dishes right here in Amsterdam? Every visit promises new discoveries, with a menu that changes daily to reflect the freshest of ingredients and the season’s best offerings. Immerse yourself in the authentic Italian vibes in our restaurant where authentic Italian cuisine is not just served but celebrated. Make your reservation and experience a diverse array of authentic Italian dishes.